Displaytech, Inc.

Displaytech, Inc.

DGCD expedites time-to-market for a consumer electronics innovator

It’s no small challenge controlling quick-launch product development costs for sophisticated digital technologies.

The product: the LightViewä 311 Color Microdisplay, designed for digital still camera and video camcorder viewfinders as well as emerging portable communication devices.

The challenge: quickly developing a complex, precise Printed Circuit Board carrier for the viewfinder’s digital display, while also keeping overhead low.

Finding the right partner

Entering an important product development cycle, Displaytech sought to maintain a lean internal design team. Because a fast time-to-market is top priority in the consumer electronics industry, Displaytech needed a knowledgeable PCB design partner that could immediately work seamlessly with its own specialized engineers. No hitches, no delays.

Collaborative PCB development and total prototype management

DGCD’s experienced interdisciplinary team helped Displaytech get from concept to delivery of prototype boards, providing collaborative engineering and layout design, plus a flexible, on-time and trustworthy prototype manufacturing solution.

Displaytech also needed three different electrical driver test boards for their viewfinder product-under-development. So in a parallel design effort, DGCD engineers and board designers teamed up with Displaytech engineers to understand the design concepts and delivered complete and ready-to-use development driver boards.

The Displaytech/DGCD collaboration proved just the right model—at the right price—for developing Displaytech’s microtechnology innovation.