Management Team

Christophe Febvre

Co-Founder, CEO, MSEE

Christophe Febvre is a 20-year electrical engineer and manager. An entrepreneur at heart, he has been a founder in two startup companies. Christophe earned his BS and MS in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He has also worked at Hewlett Packard in Fort Collins and Lexmark in Boulder. Christophe takes very seriously a spirit of engineering development that fosters innovation, creative problem solving, and a joy of learning from each experience that helps the company truly embrace every project. Christophe views every member of the company as a direct customer representative and encourages them to be industry experts as well as strong independent contributors and engaged partners in the larger team.

Christophe has a wonderful wife, three kids, a dog, two cats and two horses and still finds time to enjoy gardening, soccer, cycling and running. In a multi-cultural office, Christophe cheers for the French during the World Cup. He has completed two Ironman Triathlons (thanks to Joe) and a marathon, and aspires to keep growing DGCD as a place where high-tech people enjoy life, coffee and work. If he could do anything on his day off he’d ride his bike to the top of the tallest mountain and watch the Tour de France race past. But generally he’s satisfied with camping and a good espresso every morning.

Joe Bakel

Co-Founder, CFO & VP of Electrical Engineering, MBA/BSEE

Joe Bakel worked at Hewlett Packard in Fort Collins for over 16 years before leaving to help found DGCD in 2001. He is the company CFO and also runs the EE team with a depth of knowledge and experience that help keep the many complex projects flowing smoothly. Joe received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1985 and then received his MBA in 1999 from Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

When Joe is not at work, he is likely to be found swimming in cold water or biking/running in the hills around Fort Collins. Besides completing 3 Ironman Triathlons and 12 marathons, Joe has also swum the English Channel and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. Many here at DGCD may question his sanity outside of work, but nobody questions his dedication to the company, the customers, and to a high-quality DGCD product.

Jim Reker

Co-Founder, VP of Layout, BSCS

Jim Reker is the VP of Layout Design at DGCD and is charged with creating a consistent, high-quality, and efficient process flow for the high demands of the layout designs that move rapidly through the company. Jim’s customers range from internal DGCD engineers to engineers in companies throughout the U.S. and beyond, but he always find a way to be done on time and with a quiet calm. Jim graduated with a BS in CIS from Regis Univeristy and has worked with most of the EDA layout design tools developed over the last 30+ years since he was originally working with tape and mylar on light table. Very little in the industry surprises him, and he savors just about any challenge.

Jim was born in Japan and has been in the U.S. since 1970. He does like to go back to Japan for the occasional family visit. He is married and has 3 grown-up sons wandering the country.