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Here's the information we need to provide an estimate and get started on your project. Keep in mind, we can also help you develop the schematics, specifications and BOM, so don't hesitate to contact us early in the process.

Best-case quoting information

While DGCD can deliver a budgetary quotes based on less information, the items in the list below help us accurately assess the scope of work.

  • Complete schematics
  • Mechanical board outline specification including
    • All mechanical dimensions including critical top and bottom component locations
    • All critical connector locations and their pin-one position and orientation
    • All placement and routing keep-ins and keep-outs
  • Bill-of-Materials (BOM) including manufacturer's part numbers for all new components and related drawings if not readily available on the Web
  • Test Point requirements
  • Library created requirements (require DGCD to create symbols or geometries)
  • Board technology requirements
    • One sided or two sided
    • Blind/buried vias
    • Special materials (Nelco/Rogers)
    • Critical design rules
    • Line width and spacing
    • Identify high speed (>GHz)
    • Length matching criteria
    • Layer assignments for major busses
  • Stack-up drawing
  • Schedule

Minimum quoting information

  • Block diagram outlining
    • Major technologies (processors, memories, I/O, etc…)
    • Complex chip packages and connectors (large, fine-pitch BGAs, Backplane connectors, DIMMs, etc…)
    • Power requirements including potential plane splits
    • Number of high speed signals; how many are length critical
  • Board dimensions including thickness and any known part placement information
  • Partial Bill-of-Material (BOM) for critical customer-specified parts
  • Schedule