Comprehensive electronics product development, from design through production

Expedite electronics development projects, using DGCD’s services to expand your in-house capabilities on demand. Whether you’re a consumer electronics startup or a global IT giant, DGCD can help.

Think-ahead electrical engineering

A great product that’s difficult to produce is a business liability, so we make certain yours hits manufacturing ready for efficient escalation to high-volume production. Your project will benefit from DGCD’s proactive engineering team, which has collaborated closely for over a decade, uniting expertise in electronics development, PCB layout design, enclosure design, BOM development, and manufacturing. The result: You save time and money saved on your project. Learn more

Savvy electronics enclosure design

Enclosure design is a crucial part of electronics development, and DGCD’s experienced engineers can help you with everything involved in enclosure design, from materials choice and tradeoff analysis to compliance and production process. Learn more

Advanced PCB layout design

Miniaturized designs, large boards, complex busses, high data rates, tight mechanical specifications—no problem. We have years of experience, detailed knowledge of new advances in assembly and manufacturing technologies, and tools to run quality and design rule checks (DRCs) on all designs. Using highly refined processes, our PCB layout team assures design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) on every project. Learn more

Rapid prototyping

Because today’s technologies evolve so quickly, success in electronics development necessitates rapid prototyping to accelerate new product introduction and extend the sales life of your product. DGCD has all the resources in place for quick-turn prototypes, including knowledgeable engineers, fabrication specialists, test facilities, and suppliers offering PCBs, PCBAs and components in small quantities. Our assets include an extensive, up-to-date parts database and in-house procurement specialists who really know the intricacies of electronics development.  Learn more

Complete production process development

Throughout engineering, design and prototyping, DGCD looks ahead to the manufacturing and assembly processes. So once a product is production-ready, we can help you develop streamlined production processes for manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing. Learn more

How DGCD can support your team

Our experienced engineers and PCB layout design team can take your specs and run with the project, work in hands-on collaboration with your team, or provide consulting services at any stage of electronics product development.

Control electronics product development costs

Reduce engineering costs and take the straightest path to new product introduction (NPI) and high-volume production. Whether your goal is to improve PCB layout design, streamline production with better assemblies, or prototype faster, DGCD has the in-house expertise and resources.