Electrical Engineering

Start-to-finish engineering for electronic products

DGCD offers full-spectrum engineering services for products ranging from individual electronics elements to complex systems.

Electrical engineering services

Experienced in high-speed digital and analog circuit design, our electrical engineers can collaborate with you to develop or refine your specifications. Based on final specifications, DGCD can create schematics, generate a bill of materials (BOM), perform component selection, ensure component availability and offer additional supplier options. We can also test and debug your first completed prototype assemblies.

Incisive analysis means better products faster

Our cross-functional engineering model enables quick problem solving and trade-off analysis. The result: faster completion of a production-ready product meeting your cost and quality targets.

Electronics engineering foresight saves you money

Throughout engineering, we think ahead to manufacturing and assembly processes as well as product end-of-life considerations such as electronics disassembly, recovery, re-use, refurbishment and disposal. Our business-aware engineering services will save you money in the short and long term.

Beyond electrical engineering

Crucial for a fast path to a complete solution, DGCD also develops hardware, software and enclosures, plus production processes.

Contact us to learn more about our complete electrical engineering, consulting and new product introduction (NPI) services.