Our Team

At DGCD, we truly enjoy developing electronic products!

We’re a team of designers who like to solve problems together, create new and exciting things in the world of technology, and do electrical and software engineering for our customers. With effective work and infectious attitudes, we’ll help you succeed.

DGCD was founded in the 21st century…

Dynamic Group Circuit Design, Inc. (DGCD) was founded in 2000 by an entrepreneurial group of Hewlett Packard computer designers. With a depth of experience in EE hardware design, firmware development, printed circuit board (PCB) layout design, and management, the founding team launched an engineering service organization with an expanding portfolio and a diverse and growing group of people to support complete electronics product design.

Today, many years and experiences later, we’ve kept the spirit that drove the foundation of the company. Our team loves to solve complex problems, loves to design, and loves to work together. We bring that joy to our customer engagements and to the projects we work on. Our office is quiet but collaborative and fun.

The DGCD Crew back when we were a bit younger
The DGCD Crew back when we were a bit younger

… And we live, work, and play in Northern Colorado.

DGCD is located in beautiful, fun, and friendly Fort Collins, Colorado. If you stop by to visit, you’ll find a town full of fun close to mountains and streams where more adventures await.

Fort Collins is also home to local suppliers, mechanical designers, and other resources who help us shorten our lead times with the latest technologies and capabilities to serve local, regional, national, and international clients.

Adam Bierman Senior Electrical Engineer
You will often have Adam working on or leading the HW design piece of your design work here at DGCD. Adam has been a design engineer with DGCD since 2020 and fit right into our team of highly motivated design engineers. Earlier experiences include capital equipment field service and complex project management throughout the US, Europe, and Australia, along with successful product development efforts in a variety of industries and for a wide range of purposes as an electrical/systems design engineer. He has lived in Fort Collins for the last ten years and is a year-round coach and volunteer to the local Special Olympics foundation, a passion he’s held most of his life. He enjoys time with his Greyador and Corgi puppies up in the mountains and participating in crazy adventures to keep him sane. One of these days he’ll also own a goat (or two).
Matthew Billings Layout Designer
Hailing from the Tar Heel state, Matt goes home every day to deal with 110 pounds of big dog. After getting his education at Western Carolina University, Matt came to northern Colorado and joined our team as a layout designer. He brings a calm, attentive, and friendly demeanor to the work and will always produce quality even under pressure … even when we try to drive him crazy. He’s also quite the gamer and is known to take vacation days to play the latest version of video games.
Michael DeDecker Co-owner, Founding team member, Layout Design Manager and Lead Designer
Michael has the great distinction of being with DGCD since its very inception. He launched a career in layout design with the original team of designers that formed DGCD in the year 2000. Today Michael leads the layout design team and has helped develop a next generation of talented, dedicated designers who work on all types and complexities of designs. Michael goes home to a lovely wife and daughter and horse and is a dog lover.
Christophe FebvreCo-owner, Founder, and managing pooh bah
Christophe has been a design engineer and manager for more years than he cares to count, and he has taken great joy in leading a talented group of designers and technology experts for over 20 years at DGCD. Besides previously working at Hewlett Packard and Lexmark, Christophe was also involved in one prior start-up company developing printer technology. He is married with three grown children, a horse, and two cats, and he does his best to stay happy and fit by running, biking, playing soccer, skiing, gardening, beekeeping, and working on his house. He has survived and completed two Ironman triathlons. Christophe spent some of his formative childhood years growing up in France and speaks French as well as English.
Elizabeth Kness Keeper of the office – Accounting, Manufacturing Management, and more
Many of people who have worked with Elizabeth over the years won’t be surprised to hear that she is that person who keeps things running smoothly here at DGCD. Elizabeth is an accountant by training, but she is a technologist by trade. She not only keeps DGCD’s business operating, but she is that person who makes certain that prototypes can be and are built through thick and thin. Elizabeth came to Colorado from Burbank (CA) and raised three now-grown Colorado kids. In her spare time, if she’s not traveling the world, you might find Elizabeth working on genealogy web sites or digitizing old photos of family members and “adopted” ancestors.
Mike Lease Senior Electrical and FW Engineer
Mike usually leads DGCD firmware projects but is that rare talent who is just as talented developing circuits and designing electronic hardware. Mike is the resident “insane” cyclist, known for taking on 24-hour bike rides in the heat and wind of Texas and California. But worry not, he keeps surviving these endeavors, and it provides him plenty of time to think about design problems. Mike has two grown children and family that goes back generations in Texas.
Kyle Michalka Senior Layout Designer
Kyle has lived on Fort Collins most of his life. He is the resident fashionista here at DGCD. If you bump into him around town, he’s likely sporting some type of Red Sox paraphernalia, but you’ll also be impressed with his ability to wear bright, fully coordinated colors and make them look good. No one quite knows what time of day or night Kyle might be cranking on complex layout designs, but everyone is happy with the outcomes.
David Reker Layout Designer
David is one of the native Coloradans in the office and spent a number of years living in Boston before moving back to our incredible state. DGCD is happy to have drawn David back to Colorado. David also brings the Japanese background to our multi-cultural office. Previously working in American Revolution and Native American history in academic and museum settings, he's interested in the breadth of experiences from these stories shared. So, when you’re working on your PCB design with David, be prepared for diverse and interesting discussions … even as you receive prompt responses and quality results.
WonLen Karen Ng EE Design Engineer
WonLen, or Karen, as many of you know her, hails from the great state of Wisconsin. But worry not, she also got her masters degree from right here at CSU so she is a fully immersed in all things Colorado. WonLen is one of our dynamic EE's, here to help you with your designs. She works on both HW and FW and has a keen sense of products. If you bump into her out in the real world, don't be surprised if she's riding a motorcycle.