Automotive Controls


Product Type

Schematic and PCBA design for production development team

Key Project Elements

  • Outsourcing production design work while maintaining quality
  • Seamless collaboration with in-house team
  • Layout of complex PCBs heavy on analog design
  • Effective project management
  • Prototype delivery and production process development

A flexible long-term partnership with DGCD enables Woodward to scale high-quality design resources on demand.

For this tightly run development organization, “outsourcing” really means close collaboration on precise design work.

Woodward in Fort Collins, Colorado has a long tradition of innovation in the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. These industries evolve continuously, and for Woodward, keeping innovation high and overhead low is a continuous challenge in a volatile global economy.

Woodward sought an effective new working model for running development on tight internal resources and increasing design capacity on demand, all while maintaining high workmanship standards.

DGCD was the answer they were looking for.

Teaming up with DGCD was an efficient, cost-effective solution for the Woodward design lab. DGCD provided highly collaborative engineering design along with high-quality layout designs that maintain Woodward’s high standards.

The Woodward and DGCD engineering teams became aligned on technical expertise and workmanship, and DGCD also gave priority to quickly learning Woodward’s particular design style and processes. 

This enabled an outsourced service that fit seamlessly with Woodward’s development environment and methodologies refined over years of success. The result: Woodward now has the flexibility to scale design resources as needed to meet fluctuating demands, without compromising process or product quality.